Be Free

We started our business in 1992 and refined our brand for a decade or so before franchising in 2003. We were opening our 5th store then.

We now have:

  • 1,500+ locations open (and we're just getting started!)
  • Across 49 states and in Canada and Latin America
  • More than 10 million members (that doesn't happen by accident!)
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Facts & Figures


Median Annual Membership Revenue


Four-Wall EBITDA Margin


Median Annual Operating Income

>25% ROI

In 2nd Year After Royalties & Advertising


System Wide Sales

"We're going after the 80% of the population* that doesn't have a gym membership"


Planet Fitness CEO


Ranked #1 Smartest-Growing Franchise Brand **

Minimal Dealing with Cash

Over 75% of membership fees are collected via ACH Direct Debit

Only 13-18

Employees per location on average

Minimal Inventory

Means no shrinkage... and, even better, no grease or food spoilage! 

Superior Support System

From location selection to club opening and ongoing support, we've got you covered!

Relatively Fixed Overhead Cost

You know what you're spending - no surprises!


* Approximately 80% of the U.S. and Canadian populations over age 14 do not belong to a gym

** Franchise Times “Fast and Serious” ranking March 2016